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Smallville 8×04 Instinct episode review

Smallville 8×04 Instinct isn’t quite another “Everyone’s Mooning Over Everyone Else” episode, but that’s only because it really doesn’t even have that much content. Maxima is at least a DC character who isn’t shortchanged, mainly because she’s pretty dopey to begin with, so unlike say Green Arrow or Black Canary there’s not much to complain about in her depiction. As Maxima usually does she arrives, looks for Superman in order to make him her mate but instead winds up nearly having sex with him in the elevator. Emphasis on the nearly, which can only bring Clark that much closer to being the protagonist in Tomorrow He Comes.

But whatever content Smallville s8e04 Instinct winds up being mostly dedicated to showcasing the pointless and doomed relationship of Chloe and Jimmy, something that probably no one has cared about for a year and a half or so, and the even more absurd idea that Clark and Lois have some kind of special soulmate bond, which is the sort of thing you might want to develop before just throwing it out there.

Maxima this time around isn’t much of a threat except to the men who make out with her and Clark easily manages to send her home. Meanwhile the crystal becomes the latest artifact that the series is centered around with Tess triggering it to send out a Kryptonian beacon, only to have it stolen from her by a mysterious someone who tells her she isn’t ready for it yet. I assume that Brainiac’s Fine is lurking somewhere in the background again. Meanwhile most of the cast once again doesn’t show up for the episode making you wonder why they’re listed at all and the writers for Instinct seem to have forgotten that it was Lexcorp and not the government that locked up Chloe. So basically everything is much the same on Smallville in the quality department.

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