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Smallville 8×03 Toxic episode review

Seemingly less of an episode of Smallville and more of an attempt to give Hartley’s Green Arrow yet another shot at a Smallville spinoff featuring a lame rendering of a Justice League character, Smallville 8×03 Toxic kicks off with Clark and Chloe at a rainforest fundraiser to fight global warming or something like that when Oliver Queen stumbles in and pulling off his greatest big of acting yet, collapses and then informs everyone that he only has 12 hours to live.

Naturally Clark and Chloe take him to the Isis foundation room which has become the new default headquarters. Even more naturally Chloe calls her new paramedic friend over, whose own meteor powers are being telegraphed loudly enough to set off alarm bells even all the over in Gotham City, meanwhile Oliver has a flashback of being trapped on a deserted island with Tess, learning to shoot arrows and escaping a kidnapping. So of course naturally the kidnapper came for him along with an exotic tropical poison.

Questioning Tess, Clark learns that there’s an antidote but the lab is all the way over in Brazil. Clark retrieves the antidote. Oliver lives to simpler for another day and we learn that he and Tess have a history together which at some point the show will no doubt inflict mercilessly on us. Afterward Tess clears her schedule for a nice bit of murder and drives away in a car with a license plate that seems to read NOMERCY, which means that the DMV is pretty lenient about giving supervillains their own personalized license plates. This is a step down though from Lex’s own personalized EVILBALD plates.

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