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Smallville 8×01 Odyssey episode review

In the usual way of Smallville cliffhangers turning out to be short on the cliff, Smallville 8×01 Odyssey picks up after the implosion of the Fortress of Solitude leading to the disappearance of Lex Luthor and the almost disappearance of Clark Kent. Except of course instead of disappearing Clark Kent winds up in Russia loading caviar for gun toting thugs. Meanwhile instead of being locked up by the Department of Fictional Security, Chloe has become a brilliant mathematical genius and is locked up unknowingly in a Luthorcorp facility helping them track down what’s left of the Justice League.

If you remember that the last time Clark’s powers were taken away by his father, it took being killed to bring them back, except this time instead of being shot with a bullet, Clark is shot with an arrow by a hypnotized Green Arrow, and is rescued by the Martian Manhunter with a little trip to the sun where he’s cured of his powerlessness. Clark’s temporary loss of powers makes for an underwhelming storyline and the Justice League still looks a little silly. Chloe through has graduated to posthuman status with two superpowers, which should make for more guessing games over just where she belongs.

Meanwhile Luthorcorp now has two dueling executives in control, both extremely underwhelming and unimpressive as villains go. The meat of Smallville s8e01 Odyssey only kicks in at the end, as Clark makes the choice to leave the farm behind and head to Metropolis to get a job as a reporter at the Daily Planet. Sure the idea that a guy who seems to be a college dropout with average scores and whose only work experience was at a school paper reporting on meteor freaks would be able to get a desk at the top newspaper in Metropolis seems farfetched, but it’s still a stirring moment when Clark looks across at Lois, wearing a Christopher Reeve haircut that makes you do a double take for a moment and as that old Superman music plays, you find that you can forgive Smallville for a whole lot.

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