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Smallville 7×19 Quest review

As the season finale of the seventh season of Smallville approaches, Smallville 7×19 Quest clears the deck so to speak. Half of Smallville throughout the years has consisted of DaVinci Code like scavenger hunts for various mysterious artifacts around the world combined with guest stars from various SciFi series. Quest brings both together as Lex Luthor’s hallmark card with gears obtained at great trouble from the safe last week turns out to be nothing but a key to finding another key which is hidden in a church run by a rather mad Jason Teague, played by Star Trek Voyager’s Robert Picardo, which reveals another key in Lex Luthor’s mansion’s fireplace which actually contains the orb. Whew that was a mouthful.

Much as on Lost’s Cabin Fever, we’ve got another extended scavenger hunt, as Clark and Lex both go searching for the answer to the Veritas mystery after an assassin bursts in and carves some Kryptonian symbols on Lex Luthor’s chest. This pretty much jibes with the general uselessness of Veritas assassins up till now who can’t get anything right and this fellow isn’t much better at it. 15 minutes in he has already been shot to death by Lex. His higher up is Jason Teague, husband of Crazy, Medicine Woman back from Smallville Season 4, currently dressed as a monk and busy worshiping the traveler.

Faith is a fickle thing though and when Jason Teague learns that Clark has just been sitting on his ass moping while Lex has been trying to take over the world, he reacts with the same frustration felt by many viewers, but with a better plan, by sticking Clark on some sacrificial altar in the Church filled with Kryptonite. Of course like the true deranged supervillain he doesn’t actually stick around to watch Clark die. By the end of Smallville s7e19 Quest, Lex has the shiny orb at the end of the scavenger hunt, Clark has completely forgotten about Lana despite her dread disease which had consumed him for several episodes and Smallville is set for its season finale.

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