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Smallville 7×18 Apocalypse episode review

Smallville 7×18 Apocalypse follows in the footsteps of Heroes with what’s meant to be an It’s a Wonderful Life style look at what earth would be like if Clark had never made it to earth in a vision that Jor El (Terrence Stamp, Kneel Before Zod) shows him when Clark decides to commit suicide by inaction and let Brainiac kill him in the past.

Smallville S7e18 Apocalypse is an episode with potential that’s squandered with a great deal of silliness, beginning with the ridiculous premise that Lex Luthor who’s barely 30 is somehow already President of the United States. Maybe Braniac went back in time and managed to impersonate George Washington and managed to modify the Constitution too. Then there’s the fact that no one on the planet would elect a creepy bald guy in a white suit who wears one black glove to anything except best costume at the creepoid convention, hell Lex couldn’t even win a pissant State Senate race in a small town.

But the writers are too busy carving out a facile Iraq war analogy using Luthor to bother trying to make any sense and while Clark’s return to a timeline where he never existed does give us the pleasure of seeing him in Clark Kent getup complete with glasses, romance Lois and features Jimmy in standard comic book form, the fact that it was all an illusion only serves to accentuate the gap between Smallville and Superman and how thoroughly the writers have gotten Lois and Jimmy wrong.

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