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Smallville 7×17 Sleeper episode review

Smallville just doesn’t have enough dysfunctional relationships. Between Clark and Lana, Lana and Lex, Chloe and Clark, things weren’t quite dysfunctional enough, so the producers really feel the need to do Jimmy – Chloe episodes that usually proceed and end on the same dysfunctional note, in which neither of them trust each other, Jimmy uses passive aggressive tactics, Chloe feels guilty and it all ends unhappily ever after. That’s Smallville Sleeper s7e17 in a nutshell. Also throw in Jimmy getting to play James Bond and Lex finally getting his hands on the big secret weapon, which turns out to be some sort of weird Kryptonian Hallmark card.

The basics have Clark resuming his search for Braniac after neglecting it all last episode, despite last episode ending with Lex murdering his father and stealing his key, the sort of thing that Clark now decided no longer to care about. Instead he discovers that Brainiac and Kara have apparently gone to Krypton, and Kara is sending him messages from Krypton circa 1989 when Krypton is run under Reaganomics and the Kryptonian Cold War is well under way, since Braianic’s extremely convoluted plan for killing Clark apparently involves going back to Krypton’s past and killing him as a baby.

This is the most convoluted plan ever and really underestimates how easy it would be to just walk up to Clark or fly up to Clark with a handful of the green stuff, tap him on the shoulder and stick it down his throat. But so be it. Meanwhile the least plausible government agent ever recruits Jimmy, provides him with James Bond gear for no real sane reason, in order to spy on Chloe, which he halfway does until Chloe catches him and the agents turn out to be the sort of psychos they tend to be depicted as on Smallville and in DC comic books. Jimmy winds up in hock to Lex and everything ends unhappily ever after.

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