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Smallville 7×11 Sirens

With Sirens, Smallville continues playing its own games with DC mythology, bringing in Black Canary as a right wing brunette columnist who transforms into a fishnet wearing superheroine, with apparently artificial legs, a minor point that doesn’t seem to be addressed, unless the actress herself is disabled. Anyway the Black Canary is the title Siren with some vocal powers, presumably Kryptonite induced, of sonic energy and she has her own sense of justice and somehow thinks Lex is the good guy. Of course this now means there are three superheroes working for the Daily Planet, making it almost as popular a superhero destination as Lois Lane.

Speaking of Lois Lane, she is the second siren of the title, who has to deal with Oliver Queen coming back to town to be hunted by the Black Canary in the pay of Lex, which allows Lois to discover that Oliver Queen is really really gay, I mean the Green Arrow, which of courses causes her to break up with him while having a heart to heart talk with Clark about love and destiny. The obvious foreshadowing here is Clark and Lois, though at this point Lois would have to be mentally retarded not to recognize Clark as Superman, when he shows up.

The third siren of the title is Lana, who’s oscillating between being the spider queen and trying to make things work with Clark. Lionel Luthor has meanwhile had one of his changes of heart yet again and has decided to bring down Lex, father and son switching roles with Lex the mastermind and Lionel scheming to bring him down. The problem is it’s all been done before and will be yet again. Lionel should have been dead years ago and Lex should have been the one to do it. Now it’s a little too late.

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