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Smallville 7×10 Persona review

With Persona, Smallville comes back from vacation despite the writer’s guild strike and disposes of Bizarro, presumably once and for all, while resurrecting Brainiac once again. Bizarro, in the comics, was always a moderately sympathetic character, if at least because he meant well and was moderately retarded as he came from the rather retarded Bizarro world. Persona tries to wrap things up, the way it seems to wrap up everything, by putting Lana Lang in danger yet again and by tying the whole story into Clark and Lana’s relationship and as part of a trifecta, also making Bizarro somewhat sympathetic, even if on Smallville, he’s actually a lab experiment from the Phantom Zone which can take over bodies.

At this point you reasonably have to ask if there is a supervillain anywhere who doesn’t carry a torch for Lana Lang, as it is despite being an inhuman monster with no morals, Bizarro falls madly in love with her, to his own undoing. The answer there apparently, isn’t, but Lana meanwhile walks along the way to becoming a supervillainess herself, even as Lex Luthor kills the annoying Daily Planet editor slash cloned brother, as he descends further toward that nadir of evil which most reasonable people would assume he had reached a while back already.

Persona manages to be moderately entertaining and the return of Brainiac gives us an enemy with an actual brain, as opposed to the moderately dimwitted Fine version of Brainiac in Season 5 whose brilliant plan involved pretending to be Clark’s dead father. The way he disposes of Bizarro who knows where he is and represents a threat to him while getting his hands or steel tentacles on Daxor’s knowledge is one of the cooler things on Smallville in a while and a sign that he may yet be trouble to come.

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