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Smallville 7×08 Blue review

And the sky was ash and everything rained fire and still somehow half of Krypton found its way to Earth. Anyway it’s Blue, the episode that was heavily built up in Wrath, with the semi-return of Clark’s mother Lara and Jor El’s evil brother Zor El, well eviler brother anyway. As it turns out Zor El encoded Lara and himself into a crystal which he gave to Stupidgirl. Clark plugs Zor El into the Fortress over the protests of Jor El and Lara and Zor El pop out of the bottle.

As it turns out Zor El wants to do pretty much what Zod did and what every Kryptonian wants to do, kill everyone on Earth and repopulate the planet with Kryptonians, even though he only has two women available and one is his own daughter. Lara insists that Jor El was a man of peace, except that everything we know about Jor El tells us he’s a homicidal sociopath who likes to play god. Zor El is only arguably worse because he actually tries to put out the sun.

Meanwhile Lois plays around with her annoying editor who turns out to be Julian Luthor, Lex’s younger brother, in a reveal that is every bit as soap operaish as it sounds. Sure Julian was supposed to be dead and the whole thing was the formative trauma that helped shape Lex, but I guess the season needed something more that only another bland white male character with no real personality could bring to the table, so Julian lives again. Also it seems that Lionel was giving away his kids for adoption faster than you give away newborn kittens, that’s two adopted off secretly so far, but then again can you really blame him?

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