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Smallville 7×07 Wrath review

For seven years or so the producers had been thrusting Lana at viewers long past the point where most viewers who weren’t thirteen year old girls and who were thirteen year old girls for that matter, hated her. On the other hand Kirstin Kruek isn’t nearly as annoying as when she gets to play a villain and that apparently is the plan for Season 7. Granted a lot of shows do make the effort to try and give the hero’s girlfriend something to do, usually involving her learning martial arts, a path Smallville has already gone down, but few actually would make her the villain, barring Angel which did that but with the caveat of her being possessed.

But Wrath does go rather close to the line of moving Lana from the sweet girl next door to a kind of mirror of Lex Luthor, bitter, angry, deceitful and manipulative and bent on revenge. It does make her interesting and the closing of Wrath that has Lana in the dark shadowed against the stars and an uncertain Clark in the warmth of the barn almost suggests a restoration of the Clark Lex dynamic that powered the early years of the series, it also raises the possibility that the producers might be thinking about moving Lana to the prime villain spot when Michael Rosenbaum leaves Smallville at the end of this season, having gotten tired of having his head shaved.

Virtually unburdened by Kara, except when she’s leading Jimmy around by the tongue, Wrath is actually a pretty good episode at the beginning and toward the end. It even brings Clark closer to admitting that he should have disposed of Lex, but can’t. That’s very much the Superman and Batman dynamic, with someone constantly having to be Clark’s darker side to show him what has to be done, whether it’s Batman in the comics and the upcoming Justice League movie, or the Luthors and now Lana on Smallville.

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