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Smallville 7×06 Lara Review “Kara is the New Poochy”

It’s been obvious for a lot of Season 7 but Lara all but makes it official, Kara or Smallville’s extremely dumbed down version of supergirl is Smallville’s Poochy. For those who don’t get the reference, on the Simpsons the Itchy and Scratchy show that tried to win back viewer by adding Poochy, a talking dog, who takes over the show while annoying everyone. Poochy has since become the generic way of describing similar characters.

So despite episode 7×06 being called Lara, it’s really another Kara episode. By now we’ve had to endure her entering a beauty contest, whining about everything and marginalizing every other character on the show. Enduring Lara almost gives you fond memories of Lois.

7×06 or Lara is supposed to be Smallville’s look at Krypton, which they predictably dumb down some more, since there’s now apparently an easy to use portal that let anyone from Krypton visit earth anytime they wanted with no repercussions. Sure baby Clark and Kara had to take spaceships, but Lara and Kara could just walk around the Kent farm. That makes it unclear why Krypton’s factions didn’t just begin exporting their civilian population to safe locations all along or why Clark had to come in a meteor shower, when they could have just dropped him off.

Meanwhile apparently some Kryptonians wear white flowing gowns and others wear pink button down shirts. Somehow Kara can just walk in and know how to use a camera. Meanwhile in the present day, not only can she talk like a teenager and drop all the right references, but she can also hack military grade database systems. Yes boys and girls, Kara is Poochie. If she was any more Poochie, she’d be wearing a backward baseball cap.

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