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Smallville 7×05 Action review

What do you say about Action? Every now and then another TV show feels the need to create a fake TV show built around itself, shows its own crew trundling around its own sets and point out how fake Hollywood is. Plenty of shows do it at least to emphasize just how ‘real’ their own world is. Well okay you wacky Canadians.

Smallville’s own concept of Superhero comics, the absurd Warrior Angel arrives, looking like Spawn threw up on Godzilla, to shoot a scene on Clark’s farm. This reminds us that Clark’s mother has been MIA for most of the season and Clark now lets movie crews wreck the Kent farm for no particular reason.

And of course since every show sooner or later also does a bit on how evil its own fans are, particularly the internet kind “they got blogs and stuff”, there’s an evil geek opposed to the changes in the Superma… I mean Warrior Angel mythology who’s trying to kill the model who plays Warrior Angel’s girlfriend. He’s of course the prototypical geek, except played without any of the Nerd Squad humor of Buffy. Also he has a blog and it gets 10,000 hits a day. You’d think if he had a blog that gets 10,000 hits a day, he’d be a little more articulate.

So geek tries to kill model. Then he tries to kill Lana. Meanwhile Lionel is on a pot farm belonging to a crazy lady who works for Lana. At this point you can’t help but note how dumb all the villains on this show are. Lex, the embodiment of pure evil, goes to rescue his father and like every chump puts down his gun, turns his back to the room to begin untying him. And Lionel lets him. In Lionel’s own first escape attempt, he hits the woman and then runs away without even arming himself. And then Lana manages to get nearly thrown off a building. But we finally discover why Lex is evil, he’s a comic book geek.

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