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Smallville 7×04 Cure review

Well Smallville follows its tradition of having former Supermen actors return to play a role on the show with the return of Dean Cain to Superman to play Dr. Knox. In the usual tradition of Smallville doctors of course, he’s a raving loonie. I’m not sure if there have been any non-evil doctors on Smallville ever, aside from maybe the asian guy who rescued Metallo or the Indian who treated Clark’s father when he was having a heart attack. If there’s a doctor on Smallville, your basic good odds are to run like hell.

Anyway Dr. Knox and supposedly the purpose or the new purpose of Project 33.1 is to cure the meteor infected and for a project that got so much hype, we basically get it dismissed in an instant. Anyway Dr. Knox is immortal and in the true tradition of immortal people and doctors, he’s out of his mind and bent on stealing the organs of the meteor infected to make his bride of frankenstein live forever. Now since meteor infected people don’t live forever, in fact they seem to die faster, this doesn’t make a ton of sense but who really cares. Bee girl returns and is carved up for organs by Dean Cain, who puts on a very odd accent, something like Dr. Dracula Goes to Harvard. Or Hahvard.

Meanwhile the usual soap operas continue. Kara throws a fit and leaves. Anyone with good taste applauds but dreads her return. Chloe decides she needs to be normal and goes for a cure with Dr. Hawaiian Evil in order to win Jimmy but neglects him and shuts him out and he dumps her. Dr. Hawaiian Evil, like every villain on the show, tends to have Kryptonite around. Dr. Evil tries to carve up Chloe. Clark saves the day. Everyone lives unhappily ever after, especially Dr. Knox.

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