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Smallville 7×02 Kara Review

There seems to be some sort of untamed impulse by the Smallville producers to continually fill out their cast with characters the audience hates played by actors and actresses who can’t act. First came Whitney, who could at least act, but was a fantastically annoying character… something it took the producers about as long to realize as it did for the Buffy crew to realize that whitebread wasn’t gonna play.

By Season 4 though the trickle became a flood. We got Lois, who actually makes you wish Superman hadn’t gone back in time when that dam broke. We got Whitney Number 2 who went on to Supernatural after he died a well earned death. Now we have Kara, played by an actress who can’t act or emote at the most basic level and looks to be in her 40’s. Thank you Smallville casting, you score another touchdown.

Kara or Supergirl, the name is explicitly mentioned, has the usual superpowers plus she can fly. Also she’s incredibly annoying. On meeting her Clark quickly forgets about the dead park rangers and they go off to stop her exploding spaceship which has an incredibly crystal which has blah blah fallen into the hands of Area 51. So basically yet another stupid artifact to fill the season.

Anyway Kara churns out a fairly tedious episode as the Lex and Lana soap opera drags on complete with clones. I didn’t recall any clones but then no one tells me anything. Allright, so send in the clones.

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