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Smallville 7×016 Descent review

Smallville’s most intriguing premise didn’t involve its Clark as Superboy storyline, though that worked out pretty well, but its Lex Luthor who walked the edge between good and evil and mostly seemed to fall on the side of good. Its most promising journey involved Lex’s descent into evil, but that journey has been pretty schizophrenic, particularly this season with Lex unaccountably switching from repentant jailbird who believes in angels to unrelenting homicidal villain. The problem is that Lex has gone evil so many times by now that Descent’s much hyped storyline about Lex “finally” descending into evil seems more than a little anticlimactic.

Bouncing off Veritas’ attack by Braianiac that left Lana in a coma and Kara off in space (the producers sure do seem to be using every excuse to keep her off screen and who can blame them), S07e16 is Lex’s big moment which begins with him killing his father and ends with another promised showdown between Clark and Lex, one that hasn’t gone anywhere yet.

Lionel Luthor has always been a sublimely evil figure and his death if anything took too long. Descent spins more old elements around, another piece of evidence that gets covered up, another powerful artifact to search for, Lois once again being shot and trapped and the same game continues, but the episode manages to boil the old standbys into a fairly engaging if dark mix.

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