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Smallville 7×015 Veritas review

Smallville has thrown together plenty of attempts at trying to turn Clark’s arrival into some sort of prophecy and fit together ancient conspiracies, but the Veritas concept is probably the best one to date because it keeps things simple. Four powerful families that we’ve all met. One great overpowering secret. One man willing to kill anyone he can to get his hands on it.

Smallville 7×015 Veritas features not just the return of James Marsters as Brainiac but his true arrival as a menacing figure. The Brainiac of Season 5 was more silly than dangerous, trying to pass as a professor and than as a CIA agent, acting as Zod’s pawn and finally sacrificing himself to set Zod free in Lex Luthor’s body. This season though Brainiac has emerged as the dangerously brilliant villain, ruthless and calculating, a cybernetic Moriarty worth of the name and for everyone who thought that James Marsters didn’t have enough in him for another memorable villain, have been proven wrong.

In Smallville 7SE015 Veritas, Brainiac is back with a hidden agenda that requires taking Supergirl into space and he proceeds by taking Lana’s mind hostage, even as Lex Luthor digs into the archives of his memory to try and discover the Veritas secret, meant to stop the Traveler. I guess the Vertias quartet had yet to hear of Kryptonite, which seems to be lying around everywhere. For once the Luthor story is actually the weak point of an episode and the Clark story the strong point, which is as it should be. The constant Luthor artifact quests have grown old and it’s long past time for Lex to kill off Lionel Luthor and move to the next stage of fighting that war with Clark that last season teased us about.

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