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Smallville 7×014 Traveler review

Season 7 of Smallville has felt very scattershot with unstable character development and plot twists that seem to go all over the place and while there have been some cool moments, the season as a whole has been flailing, but Smallville 7×014 Traveler seems to be the first of a series of episodes that’s set to put things back on track.

Now on a surface level, Smallville s7e14 is basically Roswell’s first season finale, with a green cage instead of the white room. And you have to wonder why it took so long for it to happen. But instead Traveler returns to the Lionel vs Lex dynamic that has more than a tinge of The Godfather in it, right down to the final murder of Patty Swann.

Probably Smallville’s worst mistake was to progressively neuter Lionel, instead of making him a true rival for Lex. Traveler goes a little further to try and undo that mistake by restoring the Lionel who operates on his own hidden agendas, who’s ruthless and almost as dangerous as a friend as he is an enemy.

The Veritas idea is a good attempt to bring together some of the more scattershot elements of the series, trying the Teagues, Virgil Swann, Oliver Queen and the Luthors together into a nice bundle as being part of a larger agenda awaiting Clark’s arrival. And based on future episodes, it appears that this is something that will play a major role toward the conclusion of the season.

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