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Slam the Book on the Kindle Hype

It’s not too hard why established print magazines like Newsweek and Forbes are gushing over Jeff Bezos and Kindle as if it was the iPhone, because after all we are talking about print magazines that are experiencing dropping circulations and are finding that the online free content ad supported business model isn’t bringing in a fraction of the revenue that magazine subscription sales used to. Kindle is to the magazine industry what the iPhone would have been if the music industry was say ten times as desperate as it is now. So it’s no surprise that the magazines are raving but a little discretion would help.

Chapter One: How The E- Book Got Its Start, Forbes’ Andy Greenberg proclaims hilariously, even though a paragraph later he finds himself forced to mention the Sony Reader which predated the Amazon Kindle and was more reasonably priced too. Of course the problem with ebook readers as he’s forced to admit, is that they have no real purpose. Kindle supposedly displays text really well on screen without the flicker and refresh rate of traditional monitors, but it’s building a more elegant mousetrap that has no real purpose or appeal. As I have already said Kindle is the next Newton, a pointless overpriced device doomed to fail out of the gate.

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