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Skype is Dead

Well why not, Microsoft has a lot of money and no idea what to do with it. Analysts are claiming there’s a plan. I doubt it. I think it’s Microsoft buying up a company to buy the company. It will botch any attempt at integration and kill Skype in the bargain. Sure there’s an upside. At least AOL isn’t buying Skype. If that happened, Skype would really be toast. Instead Skype will probably be renamed Microsoft Live Sky Connect or something like that and hang around. Skype integration on sites will be oversold. Skype integration on XBox, maybe. Mobile Skype, in a smarter company maybe. But Skype was already flailing. A great product looking a little unbalanced in the mobile wave. The sale will put money in everyone’s pockets and give Skype a weak sendoff into the wild blue digital yonder.

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