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Should Microsoft Keeps Windows XP Alive?

It takes a wise man to know when he’s lost but Steve Ballmer has a history of being anything but wise. Yet with Microsoft being slowly squeezed by Apple on one side and Google on the other, it behooves even one of the most arrogant and abusive software companies out there to seriously think about alienating their customer base.

Microsoft has had OS failures before. Windows ME was a dog that no one could move. Microsoft accepted that and hit it out of the ballpark next time out with Windows XP. Windows 7 could be Microsoft’s chance to hit it out of the ballpark again, to do everything right that Vista did wrong, or at the very least to produce a genuine successor OS to Windows XP. Because for all of Microsoft’s hype, Vista is not that successor.

Right now most people have not made the shift to Vista despite XP’s already prolonged expiration date coming close at hand. Now Microsoft has seen that before. Most customers did not want to switch from Dos to Windows XP, I being among them. Plenty of people delayed quite a bit in switching from Windows 98 to Windows XP, again yours truly among them. But the heel dragging on Windows Vista is something else entirely, because this is not just about a reluctance to move, pack up and head to a new OS; it’s about a general opinion by Microsoft’s own customers that Vista isn’t worth it.

And the worst part for Microsoft is that they’re right.

Save Windows XP petition is here.

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