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Shatner Raw Nerve: The Great Question

Shatner’s new talk show Raw Nerve may at last provide the answer to the great unanswered question about William Shatner, is he doing this as an actor or character. Back on the midnight shift, an ABC late night anchor asked Shatner if he was beginning the self-deprecating phase of his career. Shatner took offense and the anchorwoman apologized, but the question turned out to be entirely prophetic, as William Shatner switched from being an actor to being a character, prefiguring reality TV long before it came to American shores. Even when William Shatner is playing a character as he is on Boston Legal, the question remains. Think about it, if you subtract William Shatner from Denny Crane, is there anything even left, and would Denny Crane really work if he wasn’t playing by a man whose own ego is a notorious thing and whose personal qualities overlap Crane’s in some very public ways. The great question remains is Shatner an actor playing William Shatner the public character, or are they one and the same, an unintentional performance by a man who despite banking on it, still doesn’t get the joke.

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