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Seriously can someone please shoot Dr. Phil?

Seriously can someone please shoot Dr. Phil? With an RPG.

I don’t say this because I’ve been driven into a psychotic frenzy by bouts of video game violence. In fact I haven’t had any time to play video games in over a month and even then it was short sessions in Mount and Blade, which despite the medieval swords and crossbows isn’t exactly the sort of thing to inspire adrenaline charged assaults.

I say this because just after the Governor of Virginia expressed his disgust at people who would try to use the killings for their own political agenda, we have no shortage of people from gun control activists, to right wingers still hoping the shooter was a Muslim to Dr. Phil crawling out to join the usual scum screeching that it’s all the fault of video games.

That’s right Dr. Phil it’s Grand Theft Auto’s fault that a crazy South Korean student who was seriously mentally ill and suicidal decided to shoot up the place in order to get back at all his invisible enemies.

It was bad enough when shootings where the killers were at least marginally sane like Columbine were being blamed on video games, but blaming the Virginia Tech shootings on video games makes as much sense as blaming too much tuna in his diet or the sun coming up in the morning. Crazy people may actually do things because video games tell them to do it. They’re more likely to do it though because they think the Catcher in the Rye or the backward lyrics they’re hearing on the record are telling them to do it. They’re not sane, “Dr. Phil”, the reason they do things is not something we can socially resolve except maybe by building record players so they can’t play tapes backward and banning the Catcher in the Rye and everything and anything that some lunatic with a brain that’s wired all the way backward can possibly read some sort of message into. And guess what? Crazy people can read secret messages in anything. It’s one tipoff that they’re crazy.

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  • juk April 19, 2007 at 3:29 pm

    what did the guy actually say? Would help a bit with the actual quote.
    I heard he said something like “video games and insane ppl are a bad combination”, which is slightly different. Ok, saying somethingl like that dosent really say anything (how much of it is to blame on the insanity and how much on the video games, that i would like to know) and its defiantly lame to start talking about video games before mentioning how guns and insane ppl can be a bad combination.
    still he deserves to die though, the few seconds i accidently saw from his shows was quite enough.

  • O_Deus April 19, 2007 at 4:01 pm

    you can see what he said here

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