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Senator Ted Stevens: You Can’t Keep a Good Porker Down

You Can’t Keep a Good Porker Down or at least that seems to be the title of Senator Ted Stevens’ autobiography or perhaps just his motto as word is that an experimental ferry costing 84 million and servicing about 40 people is now a go.

Sadly Ted Stevens famed Bridge to Nowhere will go unbuilt but it’s full speed ahead for a ferry that costs roughly 2 million per passenger. At that rate maybe the government should just do what Alaska does and pay them the money and let them each buy their own killer whale as transport.

To a certain extent I can sympathize with Senator Stevens who has done a lot for Alaska and as a former resident myself I know that it takes pressure and pork to get development for rural areas but most Alaskans long since believe that Senator Stevens had jumped the shark with the bridge to nowhere, even long before he was being investigated by the FBI.

There’s a difference between pushing development and simply armed robbery with the consent of the government and that’s what programs like these come down to.

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