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Scubs ABC Bound?

Despite the fact that Scrubs has been a modest success for NBC when NBC has had a shortage of them and pre-Office was probably NBC’s most identifiable sitcom, NBC has never actually embraced Scrubs, constantly waiting to the last minute to reorder it and post WGA strike, NBC’s treatment of Scrubs has been downright shameful. I say that as someone who is not a fan of Scrubs and its smug and repetitive episodes but at the same time it deserved an actual final series of episodes from Ben Silverman and NBC, instead of going to DVD or whatever nonsense Benny had in mind, and now ABC may have the last laugh over Scrubs, which it seemed like NBC never quite wanted. If Scrubs makes the jump to ABC, at the very least Scrubs will be able to wrap it up, even if I think Scrubs will be somewhat out of step on ABC, even after Samantha Who but it will serve NBC right. Ben Silverman’s disastrous tenure, for which the Knight Rider relaunch is only the latest symptom, has done enough damage to NBC after all.

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