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Sarkozy’s P2P Solution

Sarkozy’s P2P solution in France is getting a lot of bashing from the usual sources. My biggest question about it remains one of process, who decides that what an internet user is downloading is in fact illegal? If it’s up to the ISP with input from the International Phonograph EU style MPAA boys, then it’s a nightmare. On the other hand if there is to be some kind of independent review board, then it may be a move toward a reasonable solution.

The concept of the framework of the agreement itself is positive because it both demands that movie. tv and music companies make their products more accessible for purchase over the internet and that the internet providers work to enforce some guidelines. There’s no talk of suing anyone but is removing the internet access of people who use it for something illegal really so draconian? It comes down to the simple question, do movie studios and music companies have the right to ask the government for help in fighting the wholesale piracy of their work.

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