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Sarah Connor Chronicles Comes Out Roaring in the Ratings

Good news for those people who want to see The Sarah Connor Chronicles survive, the Sarah Connor Chronicles royally pounded the competition including the Golden Globe announcements on NBC and American Gladiators with a 7.6 rating, in part thanks to the game lead in. Considering that Sarah Connor Chronicles opens with one hell of a bang, the show knew that and kept enough of the audience tuned in which is good news. 7.6 on a network and with the kind of multi-million dollar per episode budget that The Sarah Connor Chronicles or TSCC for short would demand would have been a joke a few years ago but the joke ratings of yesteryear are the big winners of today.

Of course the big handicap for TSCC is the same as the secret of its success, a lack of any real competition, for the viewer who isn’t interested in seeing washouts from the WWE in red and blue leotards hitting each other with giant nerf padded batons or would rather hear Golden Globe announcements live than click to, The Sarah Connor Chronicles was always the obvious choice. But the lack of competition created by the WGA writer’s strike also insures that there will only be a few more episodes to go and then a break. Last year’s break wiped out Jericho and heavily damaged Lost and 24 and that was without a writer’s strike. What will happen to freshmen successes like TSCC is unclear.

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