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Sandwich or a Laptop for Africa?

The definition of insanity involves something about continually repeating the same stupid thing even when you know the outcome is futile. The ridiculous One Laptop Per Child project is an excellent case in point. Not only was the concept ridiculous from the start. Not only was the entire project senseless– starving people need food more than cheap laptop computers– but it’s hard to slow down a lunatic idea with a neat slogan behind it.

Granted One sandwich per child would have made a good deal more sense than one laptop per child that will shortly break or be sold to buy food– but you can’t keep a good lunatic project down and when the project’s senseless becomes ever more apparent the classic maneuver is to begin blaming everyone else. In this case Intel for producing the Classmate which is actually a better solution than the One Laptop Per Child and cheaper too. Now you’ve got Diggbats calling Intel evil– because a corporation duplicated for profit what a non-profit tried to do with billions of other people’s money– and did it better.

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