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Sally Field Censored at the Emmys – Not

If there is one place where it is absolutely safe to make anti-war statements, it’s at an entertainment industry award event. Lately the Emmys and Oscars have been filled with speeches by people with the IQ of a cold winter day informing us of their important views on the environment, the war and the disposable baby diapers they forgot to wear on their heads. But at the same time the lucky millionaires who stumbled into stardom can’t help buy complain about being censored.

Herein the non-controversy involving Sally Field supposedly being censored at the Emmys. The facts are that three actors used or tried to use foul language, Ray Romano, Katherine Heigl and Sally Field. All three of them were censored. Ray Romano and Katherine Heigl weren’t delivering anti-war commentary. And this is not even getting into the Kathy Griffin issue. The commonality was that moments were snipped to preserve standards. Are those standards stupid? Maybe. They hark back to a time when the industry tried to display some class in public at least. Those days are long gone and not just because of Ben Silverman. Today there is no class and no dignity.

There really is very little difference today between the quality of the public at the Emmys and the Arsenio Hall show, except that Arsenio Hall probably had higher standards. Despite reporting on the entertainment industry I didn’t even bother following the Emmys because I just don’t care. I can’t stand most of the shows up for awards and I can’t be bothered to care about the obligatory Sopranos homages. Network TV is a dying medium and everyone knows it and when it does die, we’ll at least be spared any future Emmy telecasts. Good night.

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