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Rotten Apples to SyFy

The thing where fans of canceled shows launch protests by sending food to TV executives was always a little on the stupid side, but at least they usually sent food with a better sell by date. Caprica fans are sending apples. Which is funny and everything, except it means they’re really sending over a lot of rotten fruit. When Jericho fans sent in nuts and Veronica Mars fans sent in Mars bars (at least that one made sense), apples bruise and spoil. So while networks can pass along food to homeless groups that collect unwanted food, sending out apples is just a waste of food. By the time they go through the system, it’s just making a mess. Not that it matters to all 4 Caprica fans, but come on.

Caprica was a long way from a hit show. Calling on viewers to mount “an organized boycott of the SyFy network and their sponsors for the cancellation of Caprica.” is just stupid. Which sponsors are you going to be boycotting anyway? The ones who were buying ads on that show you liked. The SyFy channel probably has more experience dealing with fans angry over canceled shows, than any executives out there. If there’s a group that you’re not going to convince that way, it’s them.

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