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RIAA Wins the Battle, Loses the War

One of the RIAA’s more pointlessly insane projects has been fighting a long drawn out legal battle with Jammie Thomas, which it finally seems to have won thanks to one of those mentally retarded juries that isn’t capable of evaluating claims with practical wisdom. Not that it matters much for anyone but Jammie Thomas. The RIAA has gone from being the terror of the internet to a dinosaur snapping at homo sapiens racing past it with their digital spears. In a time when the RIAA is prepared to settle for just giving away music in exchange for an internet isp tax, when Apple’s iTunes effectively controls its distribution and pricing structure, DRM has been dismantled and file sharing networks have moved on, the RIAA is fighting 2003’s war, and celebrating an expensive victory while the actual music industry itself is sinking into the tar pits. The RIAA’s legal tactics became futile a while back. The biggest threat to the music industry long ago stopped being music pirates and became Apple’s control over its catalog and pricing and distribution models. The RIAA has won an outdated battle and long ago lost the war.

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