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RIAA vs Usenet

Increasingly the RIAA are turning into outright James Bond villains, you know the guys stroking their pet cat and planning some insane scheme to seize control of the world’s economy. It’s hard not to imagine Dr. Evil or Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor in control of the RIAA at this point. “Sure we’ll launch nuclear missiles at New Jersey and California. I’ll buy up lots of real estate. It can’t possibly fail! Why New Jersey? Who cares!”

So now the RIAA is going after Usenet. Unlike Kazaa or Napster which were new technologies that the RIAA successfully demonized using its media stooges and the general ignorance of technology by anyone in the press, Usenet is an institution and the RIAA is insanely targeting which provides access to binary groups.

Now there’s no doubt there’s plenty of piracy in the Usenet binaries and far worse things than that but Usenet was also part of the old pre-AOL internet, the internet before it got dumbed down, E-Commercised and turned into a way to sell everything and for 13 year olds to meet men from Morocco who want to have sex with them. So for once the RIAA may be overtapping itself in its own arrogance because it’s going after one of the roots of the old wild west internet where free speech was the default and net culture not Yahoo ruled.

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