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Revolution is Not Revolting

Revolution has its problems, most of them involving its whiny protagonist, but it’s still about the only drama worth watching on television. The concept is big and it’s easy to question the details, the lack of modern firearms in the vicinity of Chicago, but it’s also the only show that is taking some actual risks.

On Monday at 10, what used to be a prime hour for dramas, Revolution is up against the bland Hawaii 5-0 and the nearly as bland as Castle. Revolution has its flaws, but it’s not another of the watered down crime dramas or worse hospital dramas cluttering up the networks. It steps outside the box the way that a few shows like Lost and 24 have done.

Revolution is ambitious. It doesn’t come close to living up to those ambitions, but it’s the only series making an effort to open up another world and push beyond the formula of what a network series is supposed to be. It’s the kind of show that SyFy would never budget for and that network television has been wary of.

Can a post-apocalyptic drama with horses and saber fights make it on network television? I don’t know. But considering the complete lack of Science Fiction, even on the SyFy Channel, I’m willing to give Revolution a chance.

The first two Eric Kripke written episodes have been good, for all their logical flaws. The episodes written by Monica Owusu-Breen (No Quarter) and Anne Cofell Saunders (Plague Dogs) have hovered near the terrible range. I haven’t seen Soul Train yet and I’ll see if it breaks the cycle.

Revolution is probably doomed, even on NBC, but it’s also the only thing on NBC’s programming wasteland worth watching.

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  • JJGoode October 21, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    I wasn’t sure what to think after catching the pilot, but I think that every episode since has strengthened Revolution’s chances. I caught last week’s episode on my Hopper with a few friends that work with me at DISH; we were really impressed with Neville’s back story. Being the sci-fi nerd that I am, I’ll be saving this entire season to my Hopper, for all those moments I’m feeling nostalgic, or I just need to understand an Abrams mystery a little better—hooray for a DVR with a lot of memory.

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