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Reviving Cupid

I guess Rob Thomas is officially carrying some heat if ABC has decided to resurrect Cupid. Cupid was a sort of fun, not brilliant shows, and with a line of dramas like Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty that are heavily female friendly, I could see why ABC executives might think that an hour long revival of Cupid might work in that mix, especially since Desperate Housewives is fading fast and Grey’s Anatomy is probably a season away from its own sinkhole.

Still the problem with reviving Cupid is that for one thing, the new cast isn’t likely to measure up to Jeremy Piven or Paula Marshall. Well maybe Paula Marshall but I doubt anyone could even come close to matching Jeremy Piven, not because he’s such a brilliant actor, but because he was perfectly cast in the part. And like the 90210 spinoff, this is a real waste of Rob Thomas’ writing abilities to boot.

Top that off with the fact that not only has ABC done Cupid, they’ve done minor less quirky variations of Cupid and it doesn’t work. The hour long dramas at ABC like Desperate Housewives, Grey Anatomy and Ugly Betty are basically prime time soaps with better production values. Cupid wasn’t a prime time soap, it was something somewhat more complicated than that, which is why it got canceled in the first place.

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