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Last Resort – Weirdest ABC Attempt to Make a LOST Show

Imagine if Lost were done by Tom Clancy and Richard Patterson North and imagine if it was really stupid. (Well obviously it’s stupid, it’s being done by Tom Clancy and Richard Patterson North.)

Back when I used to browse used bookstores, I would come upon lots of ragged paperbacks with plots just like these. They would be classified as Science Fiction, but only marginally so. Someone decided that the best way to revive the castaways genre would be to merge it with the military unit on its own genre to create Lost Crimson Tide.

The only thing Last Resort has going for it is a good cast. The trailer, like so many of these, gives you the entire opening pilot. But how many people are going to keep watching this just to listen to Andre Braugher delivering monologues? I’m not.

This isn’t a TV pilot, it’s a movie and the movie has nowhere to go after a few episodes. Also Tom Clancy and dramas about people yelling in submarines, so 1980’s. Also Pakistan has no submarines.

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