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Request for Firefox 3: FIX the Memory Hole!

And the apostrophe bug too while you’re at it. Look I’m a Firefox booster. I love Firefox. I’ve tried the other browsers, I dumped IE7 after 5 minutes, Safari I rarely use. I enjoy Firefox’s spell check features which prevent me from misspelling every other word in a sentence like the ignorant Neanderthal I am, the plug ins and Greasemonkey and all that. I love it. Now please fix the memory hole.

Yes I know people have told you about it before and I know these things are hard to track down. Meanwhile the apostrophe bug is still unfixed, despite all the remedies out there online, and way too often I find myself being unable to type ‘ without the Find button (the only truly annoying thing about Firefox) popping up, not to mention my cut and paste function not working anymore. And you still haven’t fixed that even though you claimed that there was a fix in Firefox 2.02.

Well now you are finally beta testing Firefox 3. It’s got some sort of wacky new bookmark / RSS reader features but what I really want to hear is that you fixed the memory leak. 2 minutes ago my system was crawling and this is a top of the line computer. When I checked memory, I found that my memory usage was over a gigabyte and almost all of it was going to Firefox. So fix it. Please. Pretty please. I don’t want to have to switch to Safari even though it renders pages about 0.05 seconds faster. So don’t make me.


The Great Baron of Blutania

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