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Red Dawn Dawning – Can North Korea Invade America?

First actual trailer for Red Dawn and it does have that old Wolverines vibe.

The most obvious problem is the superweapon gimmick. Probably some kind of pulse weapon. If you’re going to have an invasion of the United States you have to go pulse. But turning it into a portable weapon just detracts from whatever realism can be sustained.

The second most obvious problem. North Korea. But more suspension of disbelief is required. Here’s how Homefront, a cousin of sorts to Red Dawn, supposedly written by John Millius, though maybe not, handled that same problem.

Could North Korea invade the United States? Homefront’s opening tries to make a case for it with a North Korean takeover of South Korea and Japan while the US implodes in a massive financial crisis and pulls troops out of Asia. Then bird flu hits America followed by a pulse weapon attack that destroys America’s power grid.

I doubt Red Dawn has spent as much time working out a semi-plausible scenario for all this to take place. Homefront wasn’t that great of a game but it seemed to put more thought into this than Red Dawn is likely to have done.

The only way this can work is if America is falling apart while North Korea is getting its Reich on.

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  • Heavy Armor August 13, 2012 at 5:31 am

    Words fail me. A small country halfway around the world develops an EMP pulse weapon and decides to take over the United States…

    …with a military of less than 2 million total personnel (this includes naval and airforce people). Whose navy does not include long-range landing ships. Whose airforce does not have planes with sufficient range to drop those paratroopers we see in the trailer.

    Also, no artillery, bomber support, or heavy armor.

    I guess Destro and COBRA Commander lend-leased their tech and soldiers to the North Koreans, then.

    • Space Ramblings August 13, 2012 at 2:55 pm

      Makes zero real time sense, but it’s easier to make movies about standing up for what you believe in, than it is to make a movie that offends the People’s Republic of China.

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