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Reba: The Next Generation Meets the Beverly Hillbillies

I’m trying to understand how this show exists. Wasn’t this already a sitcom on the WB? Did they just revive it and merge it with The Beverly Hillbillies? And why does this have such a 70’s feel to it? I keep expecting Reba’s mother to be played by Mary Tyler Moore and the whole thing to turn into a variety show.

Malibu Country. Another title that feels so 70’s. Maybe it’s the voiceover that feels so 70’s. Maybe it’s the obvious lines pitched to the audience waiting for canned laughter. Maybe it’s the writer who got his start on The Golden Girls and worked on the original Reba sitcom and on Roseanne. But none of those are seventies.

Lilly Tomlin as Reba’s mother? I guess Reba was originally a Jewish New Yorker before she went country. Isn’t the whole fish out of water, southern belles in LA, premise supposed to be that they are southerners. Why cast someone who so isn’t?

Here’s a proposal. Just merge this together with Last Man Standing. Tim Allen and Reba McEntire can just goggle at California while delivering obvious jokes. It’s bound to be a winner.

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