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The Only Reason to Visit AICN is Schadenfreude

Long ago in a place far far away (1999) Ain’t It Cool News was taken seriously, along with its head whatever, Harry Knowles. AICN is still around but it’s a site whose peculiar pleasure is that it’s run by horrible idiots whose readers hate them.

AICN is like the concert you go to only to boo the aging rocker. AICN isn’t a movie site, it’s a comments section filled with in jokes about how much the site sucks. And the responses to Harry’s Jack Reacher review sum up what AICN is. It’s a booing section that keeps the thing it’s booing in business.

The review isn’t that bad and maybe it’s not even a plant (would anyone even bother paying for a plant review on AICN now?) but it’s accepted wisdom that Harry Knowles is illiterate and that his reviews are plants.

AICN has been around for so long that it has an anti-fanbase. AICN readers wait around for Harry to say another stupid thing and turn that into a meme in the comments section. 10 years later people still remember Harry’s great review of a fake Batman script and reference it. It’s things like that which show that Harry Knowles has become a cult figure in anti-film reviews. The qualities that made Knowles seem like a standard of fanboy sincerity have long since made him into a joke.

But it’s hard not to feel a certain fondness for GORDON HAS A BEER AND CHEETS ON HIS WIFE. A review that has spawned its own memesphere and that after all these years remains unedited. The comments to it take us back to a more naive time when people only had slight objections to a review that misspelled Heroin and Cheats.


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