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Reality TV’s Captivity Moment?

Everyone hates Reality TV, except TV viewers that is. Industry professionals on the creative end certainly hate it. About the only people who haven’t been kicked around by it are the musicians. Writers and actors though of course have been badly hurt by Reality TV. So has the average value of what’s on TV.

Reality TV has declined from its grotesque Survivor heyday when it seemed that actual storytelling was dead and humiliating people on TV in staged scenes was now the new TV, but it’s still around and Kid Nation has become to Reality TV what Captivity’s billboards became to Torture Porn movies, that flashpoint moment of disgust that crystallizes in a popular or unpopular uprising.

Kid Nation of course was a new low, even for CBS which had gone into the Reality TV business whole hog with Survivor, Big Brother and The Amazing Race. Using kids to act out Survivor and then having them sign contracts which said they were participating rather than performing was a whole new bucket of slime and certain to get a hostile reaction which it has.

The entire Kid Nation fiasco is all too reminiscent of the deaths of two children during the filming of the Twilight Zone movie who were also “participating” rather than performing. That case resulted in multiple murder trials though no convictions. Frankly Kid Nation is a new low and Reality TV needs to see some serious blowback.

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