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Reality TV Makes a Comeback, Thank You Writers

With the writers strike under way, Fox is switching up its 2008 schedule. The major moves include indefinitely postponing the premiere of “24,” moving up the launch of “Hell’s Kitchen” into spring and setting premiere dates for several new shows. Overall, Fox plans a mix of reality and repeats, along with running off its remaining stock of scripted originals.

Thanks guys, sure Reality TV seemed nearly dead but now you’re helping to bring it right back, because you know the one thing you can never have enough of is Steadicams and people screaming at each other in unscripted scenes with multiple reshoots and generally flushing whatever of our culture is left down the toilet.

And you know what Reality TV pays its writers? Zippo. That’s right folks, Zippo. The America’s Top Model writers tried to strike and got nowhere. Now TV will have more Reality shows than ever which means less jobs for actual writers than ever.

Way to go.

This is what the idiotic Writer’s Guild strike is really bringing us and them as the networks and studios adapt to simply churning out shows that don’t require writers. And it’s not like there’s a shortage of those, game shows, dating shows, kids trapped in a town and crying for their mommy shows and even worse than all these, daytime talk shows.

Just think of Reality TV as a big giant chest packed with abominations and none of it requires an official WGA writing staff. Not a one. So go on and strike. Networks don’t need scripted shows. Most scripted shows are expensive and bomb. Networks just need something to fill airtime that a few million people will tune in to watch.

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