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Real Supergirl Coming to Smallville

So after fake Supergirl who just turned out to be a human pawn of Clark’s rather evil father Jor-El (a point where Smallville rather dramatically detaches from Superman canon) stopped by and vanished when her use was done with and after another Kryptonian girl showed up in Smallville, now we’re getting a ‘real’ Supergirl who’s presumably different from the previous two.

What are the odds of Millar and Co. screwing this up? Well remember Aquaman or Green Arrow? The fantastically stupid Aquaman and the incredibly lame Green Arrow. Then again remember the casting of Lois Lane using an actress whose main credits involved her willingness to take her clothes off in B-Movies, which was pretty much her only use on Smallville, since she had less than zero chemistry with Clark and the Lana storyline hadn’t been exhausted anyway. (It’s actually a little odd how female the Smallville cast is at this point, aside from Clark and Lex, with Pa Kent gone, it’s mostly all girls).

But Smallville is stepping well into the superhero phase of Clark’s life and as superheroes spread across the world, Supergirl will apparently join them. But her having more powers than Clark seems a little off.

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