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Radiohead: Pay What It’s Worth

In a season of the same old boring tech news, Microsoft and Sony failing, Apple smugly throwing its weight around and stomping on user freedom while the Wii races around sticking its tongue out at everyone, Radiohead’s variable ‘pay what you think is fair’ is a piece of interesting news.

Of course museums and public facilities have long been using a “Pay what you think is fair’ model but that’s more accurately a donation model that forms around a charitable causes. Does Rainbows count as a charitable cause? Well it’s Radiohead, music made pointless. Also it caters to the same tech hip crowd that listens to Radiohead in the first place. Point being Rainbows will no doubt do well with their model but it’s not clear how workable it would be overall.

After all people tend to pay more than they want to out of shame or guilt or to fund a cause. Right now Rainbows is a cause but when the rainbows fade, the reality of retail music and distribution models remain.

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