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Radiohead Debates Download Numbers

Well when Radiohead announced its pay what you want album download plan, the media uncomfortably shifted around and then settled down to reporting the story while treating the whole thing as a wacky trend. When Comscore released figures which claimed that most people had not paid for Radiohead’s In Rainbows, the media was even more thrilled to jump all over the story claiming that the whole thing was a bust and most people were thieves. As it turned out, Comscore had no reliable numbers to back up their claim and Radiohead has retorted that no outside companies know what the figures are. On the other hand Radiohead itself won’t release the actual numbers. This makes things a bit confusing. On the one hand the media should have red faces for reporting an outside company’s claims with no access to the actual data as a fact. On the other hand Radiohead needs to set the record straight.

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