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Quarterlife is a Ratings Disaster

Call it the curse of the My So Called Life, a show I didn’t find nearly as brilliant or inspiring, as its snotty admirers would have you believe, but NBC’s attempt to break the writer’s strike programming logjam by airing Quarterlife failed miserably with half the audience tuning out while the show was running and Quarterlife giving NBC its worst ratings in a long time.

So what went wrong? In theory Quarterlife should cut pretty close to NBC’s target demographic. Part of the problem was that the series itself was divorced from the idea of what 20 somethings are like. It was the product of baby boomers trying to comment on people half their age and while this is the norm for teen shows, the older people get, the less likely they are to enjoy being condescended to.

The bigger problem was that Quarterlife was a web series and its target demographic doesn’t watch much TV to begin with.

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