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Pushing Daisies is Gone

It wasn’t exactly unexpected, what was unexpected was that Pushing Daisies had actually managed to last two seasons despite being an oddball show that few people really got. Pushing Daisies had everything working against it, from Barry Sonnnefeld as its executive producer, this would be his one TV project which actually made it past a season, Chi McBride’s show killing mojo and a premise that required detailed explanations. So what’s really impressive is that Pushing Daisies managed to live long enough to be canceled at the end of 2008. Bryan Fuller is now free to head over to Heroes and an intriguing if uneven TV series goes off the air. Another one of those that is. I was never much of a fan of Pushing Daisies, it was just a bit too slow for my taste and its sensibility rubbed me the wrong way. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not sorry that it’s gone (is that a double negative? probably, let’s push on anyway).

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