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Psystar vs Apple – the EULA Showdown

Right now Apple probably isn’t taking Psystar too seriously. After Steve Jobs trashed Apple clonemakers as one of the first things on his return to Apple overlordship and Apple has responded to any proposal to run Leopard on a PC with angry snarls and growls (this hypocritically enough has not prevented Apple from encouraging people to use Windows OS’ on Apple computers), Psystar has tapped into Apple’s real vulnerability, that it’s a much ballyhooed operating system piggybacked on some stylishly designed and wildly overpriced hardware.

It’s probably not too likely that Psystar will be able to make Apple face the EULA music in court. Apple after all has one hell of a bank account these days and unless an anti-trust commission kicks in at the Federal level in America or in the EU, the underdog will probably lose and Jobs will keep right on smirking and pushing 2000 dollar computers with stylized cases.

But Psystar is just the latest con to Jobs’ pro, moving the Mac to Intel hardware and walking the razor’s edge of compatibility. And it’s inevitable that the Hackintosh’s will bloom.

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