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PS3 Just Can’t Catch a Break

It seems like Sony’s PlayStation 3 has been getting into more trouble than ever and going from bad to worse and one disaster after another. With Halo 3 boasting over a record million pre-orders, Sony’s PS3 desperately needed to serve up some good news but good news was solely lacking.

Now it seems even the games that Sony shares with XBox 360 on the PS3 are putting a knife in the back of the PS3. The new Madden game (never mind as to why anyone would want yet another Madden game) from EA is turning out to be full of bugs and problems on the PS3 while playing fine on the XBox 360. That’s the kind of thing that has got to put a grin on Bill Gates’ face and another dour frown on Sir Stringers (that should be a chewing gum flavor really or some kind of kid’s store brand). Sony desperately needs a killer game to make the PS3 stand out and come to seem worth the money.

Sony’s PS3 price cut has instead been followed by an XBox 360 price cut and its elite version has been followed by an XBox elite version. Right now Sony’s PS3 price cut looks as ill advised a move as when Sega tried that move against Sony with the Saturn and it backfired badly. And ain’t no better news coming for Sony.

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