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Playstation Phone a Real Possibility?

Space Ramblings has written before on Sony’s plans for the PSP in Europe which include a hefty telecommunications plan and an alliance with BT. Of course that is a case of maybe better late than never as Sony has spent years squandering the incredible potential of the PSP and using it as a dumbed down portable game system. Well bygones are bygones and now according to SCE Europe chief operating officer Jim Ryan, they’re liking the idea of a console-oriented phone.

The playstation is a proven success and so is Sony Ericsson. Convergence with the two arms working together is definitely plausible.”

Maybe, but the real question is why focus on a phone in the first place. The iPhone has proven that people will buy a phone for many reasons other than a phone. There’s no reason not to simply add a phone to the PSP. After all with the BT alliance, it effectively already does communications. The PSP is well ahead of the iPhone in potential, it just needs the interface and the third party programs to go with it. Open up the PSP, add a touch screen and genuine 3G phone capabilities and the PSP Phone could eat the iPhone while hardly trying.

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