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Persecuting the Donors

I’m not a fan of bigots or the intolerant, particularly in the name of religion, and that LDS and various other religious groups had to spend this much money for a gay marriage ban is decidedly creepy. But then again going after donors to a political cause individually is also ugly and a distinct attack on free speech. Gay rights activists have every right to feel bitter but targeting donors to a political cause can easily backfire, especially since the US has a lot more places where donors to gay friendly causes would be harassed than vice versa. And even if that weren’t the case, boycotts and naming and shaming donors provides bad PR mainly for gay rights. It smacks of intimidating people for supporting political causes which is the sort of thing that’s just bad for everyone, in the words of a Seinfeld episode. And going after opponents when you’ve lost a political referendum at the polls smacks of sour grapes. The efforts being used to go after LDS donors would be better employed educating voters in minority communities who came out solidly for the ban. Unfortunately that’s a less shiny use of time and resources than screaming at restaurant owners and getting a theatrical director fired from his job.

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