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Penny Arcade Trainwreck Still Going

Yes the dickwolves thing, it’s still on. And going strong. I wrote about it in August and thought it was long done and gone. Nope. To avoid restating the same points again, no one involved has learned anything in almost half a year.

I’m not surprised that Penny Arcade’s critics are still going strong. That’s their role. But Mike could have learned something. There was nothing wrong with the dickwolves comic, there was a lot wrong with his follow ups. Every time he tried to communicate that rape victims weren’t being made fun of, it got undercut with jokes about rape. And you really can’t do both. Or shouldn’t.

Penny Arcade tried to take a middle ground with Pax, and instead got stuck in between supporters who went straight for the rape jokes and critics who attacked them for not actually apologizing. The baseline never got dealt with and after half a year this obviously isn’t going away. And the only way to make it go away is to take a firm line one way or another, instead of making passive aggressive rape jokes while apologizing to anyone who’s upset.

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